I Think I Need To Move Back

A year ago today I was driving up to Michigan from Florida. Schlepping all of my earthly possessions across the country for the sake of being with my family again. I grew up in Michigan and spent the majority of my life here. The state has a ton to offer. Amazing cities, great culture, and if you have not been in the great lakes then you are totally missing out. Additionally, I told myself that I knew how bad it could get here in the winters because I lived though 26 of them. All I can say now is how easy it is to forget when you are away for a few years.

Now I know that Florida has its faults. Like tons of completely crazy people, traffic of biblical proportions, and things like hurricanes. However, none of that compares to spending more than half of your year in a depressingly frigid winter wasteland. Michiganders will try to convince you that the winter is not that bad or that it does not last that long. In response to that I would like to show you this photo I took of my back yard on April 10th. 

That’s right! APRIL 10th.  I would like to humbly remind you that April is the 4th month of the year. Michigan has had shitty weather from November to April. Aside from annoying the hell out of me this weather presents me with another, much bigger issue.

Making car repair videos in this weather is just terrible…

My garage is filthy, soaking wet, and 0 degrees when I try to go work on cars. Not only does this completely sap my motivation but it make jobs 10 times as difficult. Since it is now April and the weather is still complete shit, over a quarter of 2018 is gone and I have only been able to eek out a few videos. Add that to the multiple months at the end of 2017 and almost half a year has gone by and I’m simply not able to create content. Personally I hate this. I absolutely love making videos and helping out the automotive community. I really need to live in a place that is going to be conducive to making videos and not in a place that is constantly fighting against it.

Therefore I think I need to move back to Florida. I don’t know when its going to happen but I know that its going to be before next winter. I love my family but at the end of the day I cannot willingly sacrifice my happiness and productivity for 50% of the year, every… single… year….

So to all my Florida fans and friends, I’ll be seeing you soon! Thanks for reading.

Now here is a few amazing things about each state!



  • St. Augustine – Americas oldest city (not kidding). Packed with culture, breweries, distilleries, and a fort! http://www.oldcity.com/
  • Key West – Home to some of the weirdest and most awesome people in the world. Shipwrecks, beaches, lost treasure?! What more do you want? http://keywest.com/
  • Disney – You don’t need to be a kid to appreciate this place. Tons to do, tons to see. Just an all around great place. Oh, and if you think you’ve been to Disney because you went to Disney land in Cali, I’m sorry but your wrong… https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/
  • Beaches – Frequently rated as the best beaches in the country, FL has over 800 miles of them and they are great http://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/florida-beaches.html Oh and people are STILL finding buried treasure on them from old ship wrecks, how cool is that?!?