Ry The Car Guy is on a mission….

A mission to empower people to work on their own cars, learn the skill, save money, and have more pride in their rides. Whether you are just starting and want to learn how to do jobs yourself or are advanced and just need some pointers on specific jobs, I want to be there to help you. Ry The Car Guys website and You Tube channel are “judgement free” zones. No questions are too small or “stupid” to ask. Come join in on the fun, watch a video, work on your own car, and save some money!

How can I support Ry The Car Guy?

People have asked me how they can offer something in exchange for the help the RTCG videos have provided.

Spread the word!
The best way to support RTCG is to spread the word! If you know someone who could benefit from an awesome DIY car repair video let them know! Its free and it helps grow the RTCG brand!

Watch more videos!
RTCG receives a portion of advertising revenue from the You Tube video platform. Simply watching the RTCG videos and not skipping or blocking ads will help keep funding RTCG projects.

Use Affiliate link to buy the products you need.
RTCG receives a portion of the sales made through Amazon Affiliate links. If you decide to take on a project that is on the RTCG channel then buying the products from one of the amazon product links in the description of the video will help support the channel. It is NO EXTRA COST to you to shop with those links. Amazon just shares a portion of the proceeds. 

The Future..
More than a few people have now asked me about the t-shirt that I wear in my video. That is my design that I hope to start selling within the year. An announcement will be made when the shirts and other items become available.