2006 Mustang GT Torque Specs and patterns

This blog post will act as my running list of all of the torque specs I run across while working on the Mustang. I occasionally forget to mention them in the videos so the idea is that you should be able to come here and find what you need. Also, its just nice to have one consolidated list. I will have it all sorted by part name and the patterns will all be at the bottom of the list.

** Requires specific torque pattern, See diagrams at the bottom of the page.

PartTorque Spec Lb-Ft (In)Newton Meter
A/C Compressor18 lb-ft25 Nm
Camshaft Bearing Caps **89 lb-in
Cam Sproket/Phaser30 lb-ft +90 degrees40 Nm
+ 90 degrees
Cam Position Sensor89 lb-in
Coolant Pump/Water pump Mount18 lb-ft25 Nm
Coolant Pump/Water pump pulley18 lb-ft25 Nm
Cylinder Head Bolts **30 lb-ft + 90 degrees (x2)40 Nm
+ 90 degrees (x2)
Engine Front Cover / Timing cover **18 lb-ft25 Nm
Exhaust Manifold (header) Bolts **18 lb-ft25 Nm
Fuel Rail Mounts89 lb-in
Generator (alternator) Mount18 lb-ft25 Nm
Generator (alternator) Bracket89 lb-in
Generator (alternator) Terminal Nut71 lb-in
Intake Manifold Mount **89 lb-in
Knock Sensor15 lb-ft
Motor Mount Bracket41 lb-ft
Oil Drain Plug19 lb-ft
Oil Pump Mount89 lb-in
Power Steering Pump Mount18 lb-ft25 Nm
Spark Plugs25 lb-ft
Throttle Body89 lb-in
Timing Chain Guides89 lb-in
Timing Chain Tensioner Mount18 lb-ft25 Nm
Valve Cover Bolts89 lb-in

Camshaft Bearing Caps

89 lb-in

Cylinder Head

Stage 1: 30 lb-ft
Stage 2: Additional 90 degrees
Stage 3: Additional 90 degrees

Engine Front Cover

18 lb-ft

Exhaust Manifold LH

18 lb-ft

Exhaust Manifold RH

18 lb-ft

Intake Manifold

89 lb-in

The next Project Car

As of late I walk out into the driveway, look at the X, and just do not see a project truck. I have completed all of the major repairs, created videos on all of the major maintenance items, and made the changes I wanted to make to it. I’m not gearing up to get rid of it or anything but I really am seeing it as a bit of a dried up well.

What this says to me is that its time for another project car…

I have been going back and forth on a few different vehicles but at the end of the day I wanted a car that’s very different from the X. My criteria included:

Sports car
Manual/paddle shift transmission
Rear wheel drive
2 or 2+2 seating

The rest really doesn’t matter to me. Things like color, whether or not its a convertible, engine size, etc.

Now there are plenty of cars that fit all of those criteria. Rides like the Mazda Miata which is a classic and incredibly popular roadster. The Toyota MR-2 which is (relative to the miata) rare and rather unique looking. The Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, Challenger, BMW’s, Audis, etc…

I got to thinking about all of my options and referenced the list of cars I have already owned. I did this to remember why I hated certain cars/brands and reminisce about the cars I loved to decide if I wanted to relive any of that magic. Going back through that list reminded me of how much I hated my German cars so that immediately helped me eliminate any of those (like the Z4, TT, 3 series, and slk). I have always loved the “domestic muscle cars” so when I got to the Mustang on my list I knew the search was already over. It was cherry a cherry red GT convertible, manual, loud and ridiculous. I remembered how fun it was and how powerful it felt to drive a nice big V8.

That being said I immediately started shopping for my next mustang! I found one that fit the bill and now the fun begins! Take a look at the video below as my introduction to it!

More Moves

By now you probably think that I am running from the law…..

I really do move a lot. I feel like I say this every time but I am hoping to stay here a while. We have relocated to another city in Florida. I’m particularly excited about this move as this place has a really sweet garage. I mean look at it. Slat walls all over the place. TONS of tool storage and plenty of workbench space.

You may have noticed that I have already made a few videos here. Its working out well for the most part other than a particularly noisy water heater.

Anyways that’s all. Just wanted to update you on my latest move and show you newest studio space. Move videos coming soon!!


Ry The Car guy just made it to 10,000 subscribers!

If you are here reading this then you are more than just an average viewer. You are what makes this channel special and I cannot thank you enough for being such a huge part of this.

A few years ago I bought an SUV that had a lot of issues. I knew that I could not be the only one experiencing these problems so I grabbed my (cheap ass) camera and just recorded the first few jobs. I remember being so excited after posting those videos and getting my very first subscriber. I could not believe that someone was interested enough in my content to actually want to watch more! Now those same few videos have close to 300,000 combined views.

I know in the grand scheme of things on You Tube 10,000 subscribers is relatively small but it’s still a great milestone. It means that the channel is growing and is as healthy as ever. I cannot wait to keep making content that entertains, educates, and excites all of you.

Thanks again and keep a look out for the next video!

If you want to go back and take a look at my first ever video here it is. It was recorded three years ago as of yesterday… enjoy!


Taking a Short Break

A while back I mentioned that I need to move back to Florida. If you watch my videos you know that I just cannot stand the cold winters of Michigan. So a few months ago I started looking for a place down south and signed a lease about 3 weeks ago in the Orlando area. I have been creating content and stock piling it so I can release it during my move. I hope to only have a few weeks of gap while I get settled in and will hopefully be back to making videos on a regular basis shortly.  Below are some things that I am hoping to accomplish in future videos:

– Painting the trim on the X

– Painting the rims on the X

– Installing off-road lights on the X

-Install seat heaters in the X?

– Vinyl wrapping parts of the 300

– Cabin filter replacement on the 300

– Radio install on 2005 Mustang

– More radio reviews

– Car Review of the X

I am really looking forward to returning to the tropics. I will be able to make videos throughout the winter and not be stopped any incredibly crappy weather. I’ll be making the move in just a few more weeks and I hope to be seeing you soon from down in sunny Florida!


For the month of June I will be conducting my first ever giveaway! This is something that I have been working toward and hope to continue to do in the future.

Now, I know its nothing fancy this time around but the main goal of this first giveaway is to create the infrastructure to support this and future giveaways. I was really surprised to find out how much goes into these things. You need of course a submission form, a full list of official rules, and a website privacy policy. You need to create all of this while following the giveaway rules of YouTube and any social media platforms that you promote it on.

On the bright side now that I have this built I can quickly create new giveaways for your guys to hopefully win!

This time around it is the radio that was in my Xterra. I recently bought a new radio and created a comprehensive video on how to install it into the X (you can find that here). The radio that’s was in there is in excellent condition and I decided that instead of selling it I should give it away to my viewers!

If you are interested in this giveaway you can find all of the details here. Sorry but this one is only open to US residents over 18 mostly due to dealing with international giveaway rules and also international shipping.

Thanks so much for being part of RTCG and good luck!

VVT Soleniods (and regretting past decisions)

Not too long ago I created a video on replacing the valve covers on the Xterra. While I was making that video I was trying to get a nice clear shot of the mating surface between the cover and the top of the motor. To do that I removed the Intake Valve Timing Control Solenoid Valve. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was creating a huge problem for myself. When I took off the valve I saw that the gasket was in bad shape.

The problem was not that the gasket was bad. It was that I reused it….

Now hear me out, I know that its a cardinal rule to never reuse a gasket (unless they are reusable) but these are not the types of mating surfaces you can quickly throw some gasket maker onto and call it a day. This gasket was small, intricate, and could only be obtained by custom order. So in the moment I had my engine torn apart, cameras and lights all set up, and a video to finish. I decided to cross my fingers and put it back the way it was.

Fast forward a few months, I am driving down the road and I can smell burning oil. I knew almost immediately that my poor decision had caught up with me. I get home, park the X, and see that its smoking!! I quickly open the hood to make sure that its not actually on fire.







I was happy to find that it was just some oil smoking after dropping onto the exhaust manifold, however I knew it was time to stop driving the X and get these gaskets ordered and replaced. I found what part I needed by heading over to and searching for valve solenoid. I found what I needed pretty quickly.

I called Nissan and I determined that they were only $1.31 ! I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting it to be like 20 bucks.. So I bought a few, just in case since they are the same for both sides anyway..

The job itself was not that big of a deal on the driver side bank. The other side required that I remove the intake manifold which if you have ever done it then you know what a huge pain it can be….

In retrospect its easy to say that I should have just left my car in 50 pieces, ordered the part, waited for it to come in, then replace it when finishing up the other job. However, sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. But hey, look at the bright side, it was another opportunity to make video for all of you out there!

Thanks for reading.

I Think I Need To Move Back

A year ago today I was driving up to Michigan from Florida. Schlepping all of my earthly possessions across the country for the sake of being with my family again. I grew up in Michigan and spent the majority of my life here. The state has a ton to offer. Amazing cities, great culture, and if you have not been in the great lakes then you are totally missing out. Additionally, I told myself that I knew how bad it could get here in the winters because I lived though 26 of them. All I can say now is how easy it is to forget when you are away for a few years.

Now I know that Florida has its faults. Like tons of completely crazy people, traffic of biblical proportions, and things like hurricanes. However, none of that compares to spending more than half of your year in a depressingly frigid winter wasteland. Michiganders will try to convince you that the winter is not that bad or that it does not last that long. In response to that I would like to show you this photo I took of my back yard on April 10th. 

That’s right! APRIL 10th.  I would like to humbly remind you that April is the 4th month of the year. Michigan has had shitty weather from November to April. Aside from annoying the hell out of me this weather presents me with another, much bigger issue.

Making car repair videos in this weather is just terrible…

My garage is filthy, soaking wet, and 0 degrees when I try to go work on cars. Not only does this completely sap my motivation but it make jobs 10 times as difficult. Since it is now April and the weather is still complete shit, over a quarter of 2018 is gone and I have only been able to eek out a few videos. Add that to the multiple months at the end of 2017 and almost half a year has gone by and I’m simply not able to create content. Personally I hate this. I absolutely love making videos and helping out the automotive community. I really need to live in a place that is going to be conducive to making videos and not in a place that is constantly fighting against it.

Therefore I think I need to move back to Florida. I don’t know when its going to happen but I know that its going to be before next winter. I love my family but at the end of the day I cannot willingly sacrifice my happiness and productivity for 50% of the year, every… single… year….

So to all my Florida fans and friends, I’ll be seeing you soon! Thanks for reading.

Now here is a few amazing things about each state!



  • St. Augustine – Americas oldest city (not kidding). Packed with culture, breweries, distilleries, and a fort!
  • Key West – Home to some of the weirdest and most awesome people in the world. Shipwrecks, beaches, lost treasure?! What more do you want?
  • Disney – You don’t need to be a kid to appreciate this place. Tons to do, tons to see. Just an all around great place. Oh, and if you think you’ve been to Disney because you went to Disney land in Cali, I’m sorry but your wrong…
  • Beaches – Frequently rated as the best beaches in the country, FL has over 800 miles of them and they are great Oh and people are STILL finding buried treasure on them from old ship wrecks, how cool is that?!?