Xterra VK Swap Wiring Guide

This is a companion document to the RyTheCarGuy video titled THE WIRING EPISODE (How to VK Swap Episode 13). The document is at the bottom of this article.


This document is for the 2006 Nissan Titan to 2006 Nissan Xterra Wire Mapping. This includes the harnesses that are located in IPDM enclosure of each vehicle and is broken down into three main sections..

General Information

This document does NOT cover the wiring of the starter or alternator. Please reference the video above to gain a full picture of my methodology and a much better understanding of this document. The pinouts and mapping can be found on different tabs at the bottom of the sheet. Here you can find which connectors are wired to which, the size of each connector, and the Nissan color guide.

DISCLAIMER: Use this document for reference only. verify all pinouts and connections for your vehicle model and year. RyTheCarGuy is not responsible for any damage incurred to your vehicle based on the information provided in this document.

Connector Pinouts

In this section there are three connectors from each vehicle listed out. E5, E2, and E19 for the Titan and F14, F32, and F33 for the Xterra. The corresponding connections are grouped vertically with the pin layout shown between them. For an example on the left of the sheet E5 and F14 are shown, those are (mostly) wired into each other and the pin layout of F14 is displayed between them. The pin layout is viewed from the terminal side, meaning the male side of the connection. The diagram is numbered as if you are looking into the open holes of the connector.

Connector Mappings

This section shows the mappings for each connector with the corresponding connector pin layout at the top of each mapping. The Xterra connectors are all listed numerically while the Titan pins are moved around to meet up with the corresponding wire on the Xterra side. The mappings are mirrored to display the most pertinent information aside from one another. To the right of each connection, you will find the left-over wires after each joining was complete. Some of these will be used in future steps of the project while others will be used or unused based on the features of each vehicle (IE, the water valve for the heater core on the titan does not exist on the Xterra so is unused. All wires were used on the F33 > E19 connectors. In the F32 > E2 mapping you will see that there are 3 pins that are highlighted in red. These are crossovers from other connectors. So pins 1,2,and 3 on F32 are actually connected to pins 6, 5, and 15 on E5, NOT E2.

Wire Mapping Document.