RTCG Car List Updated 7/17/20

Not too long ago I mentioned in one of my videos that I would share the list of vehicles that I have owned in my life. Its no surprise that I am an avid car buyer, however some of the choices I have made in car buying might surprise you. Allow me to show you the list and I’ll explain some things after you have gotten to chance to take a look at it.




Audi TT 2001
Buick Lesabre 1998
BMW Z4 2009
BMW 228 2016
Chevy Cavalier 1994
Chevy G 10 1982
Chevy Aveo 2006
Chevy Cruze 2017
Chrysler Cirrus 1998
Chrysler 300 2011
Chrysler 300 2012
Chrysler 300 2018
Dodge Neon 1996
Dodge Stratus 2002
Dodge RAM 2500 2005
Ford F150 1993
Ford F150 2014
Ford Mustang GT 1995
Ford Mustang GT 2006
Ford Mustang GT350 2017
Ford Ranger 1999
Ford Festiva 1991
Ford Fiesta 2014
Ford Fiesta ST 2019
Honda cb750k 1980
Honda GL 1100 1980
Honda Rebel 2006
Honda CB 500 2013
Honda CB 500 2013
Hyundai Genesis 2013
Jeep Cherokee 1994
Jeep Cherokee 1997
Jeep Commander 2010
Jeep Wrangler 2006
Jeep Wrangler 1994
Jeep Wrangler 2004
Kia Soul 2013
Lexus Rx330 2004
Lincoln Zephyr 2006
Lincoln Town Car 2004
Lincoln Town Car 2006
Mazda Miata 2000
Mercedes GLK 250 2014
Nissan Xterra 2005
Nissan Leaf 2013
Plymouth Neon 1995
Plymouth Neon 1998
Porsche Boxster 2001
Saturn SL 2 1994
Scion Tc 2006
Scion Xb 2008
Suzuki Kingquad 1984
Suzuki Quad Runner 1982
Toyota Rav 4 1996
Toyota Truck 1980
Toyota Yaris 2008
VW Jetta 2009
Yahama xs 650 1978
Yahama Zuma 125 2009

This list is a bit long to go through one by one but here are some fun facts.
– 59 total vehicles
– 24 different brands
– I have owned sedans more than any other style of car by far
-The brands I have owned the most are Ford and Jeep. 6 of each brand.
-I have owned slightly more domestic cars at 29 domestic and 24 foreign (I counted Mazda as foreign).

Next I want to talk about the top 3 cars that I have loved and why.

-My all time favorite car that I have owned is the Chrysler 300. You may have seen the article I wrote on it. Ever since it came out I have been in love with this car. I feel like it has an excellent design, plenty of power, its packed full of features, and its not crazy expensive. 

-My next favorite was the Jeep Commander. The car was a relative failure for Chrysler but there was just so much to love about it. It looked like the Cherokee on steroids,  sleek industrial design on the interior,  the immaculate HEMI heart in it, you can jam yourself and 6 other friends in it when you need to move the masses, and it was still a capable off road vehicle. Damn it, I loved that car.

-The next would be the Wrangler/Cherokee. I am putting these together because I have owned 5 of these cars and they all had the same drivetrain and legendary AMC straight 6. These are a incredibly capable vehicles, really fun to drive, and with the wrangler you can take off the top! What more could you want?

Honorable mentions: The Nissan Xterra, the Nissan LEAF, and the Mercedes GLK250.

Next are 3 cars that I HATED didn’t love so much and why.

-First on this list would have to be the Toyota Yaris. Now I cannot say this was a terrible car. We never had any mechanical problems with it and it drove fine. However it felt so cheap, tinny, and generic that it was downright boring. Combine that with the horrific buying experience we had at the Toyota dealership and the constant decline of Toyotas design and quality makes me pretty miffed with Yota. No picture here, trust me you don’t want to look at it. 

-The BMW is second on this list but for very different reasons from the Yaris. The BMW drove great, felt well built, and its a seriously good looking car. The one we bought was only a few years old with less that 60k on it. However, 2 days into ownership it developed a oil leak. This was the beginning of a chain of problems that ended with the BMW dealership refusing to take the car in on trade!! We owned the car for 40 days. during those 40 days the car was in the shop for 19 of them and I ended up dumping the car to third party dealership for a huge loss. Frankly, the car was a total piece of shit and BMW is completely dead to me…

-In the same “dead to me” category is Lexus. The number one most hated car I have ever owned is the Lexus RX330. Back in the day we bought a 2004 RX330 as a CPO with less than 30k miles on it. Shortly after purchase the transmission started having issues shifting into gear. After MONTHS of problems and countless visits to the service center Lexus agreed to put in a new transmission. It was a $10k job that the CPO warranty covered. The car drove fine for about 3 weeks and the problems started right back up. Long story short, we ended up going through the arbitration process with Lexus and losing. After less that a year of ownership I ended up dumping it for a $14k loss and the dealer who we traded it into said “you know.. there is something wrong with this transmission…”

Not so honorable mentions: Chevy Cavalier, Lincoln Town Car, and the VW Jetta.

All in all I don’t regret most of the above purchases. I learned so much about how to work on a wide array of cars. It also allowed me to experience what ownership is like on a myriad of different styles and brands of cars.

So how many cars have you owned? Which ones were your favorite? Which ones were your not so favorite?

Let me know in the comments below.