The Merch Store Is Now Open!

Other than the obvious car questions that I receive, I get two questions more than any others.

One – Where can I get that T-shirt that you wear in your videos?
Two – How can I support your channel?

Well to be clear, just watching RTCG videos is support enough. I appreciate everyone who comes to check out my channel and I would never expect more.

However, for those of you who want to do something more to support the channel, I have created a store on Here you can find official RTCG t-shits and sweaters for purchase. handles all money transactions, inventory, and shipping and RTCG gets a percentage of the sales.

Race on over to and get your RTCG swag today!

Thank you for your support!




The RTCG Amazon Store is Now Open!

Amazon has this cool new program in which You Tubers can create customized pages to feature products that they like/use. I was invited by Amazon to take part so I did! The main purpose of the store front will be to compile a list of all products that I have linked in my videos. I will be a quick reference if you are looking for something but do not want to dig through my You Tube channel to find it.

The store front also allows me to comment on each item so you can see what job I used each product on and what I think of it.

You can find the store here or on the main menu at the top of the site.

This is a great way to support the RTCG channel all while getting the parts that you need!

Disclaimer: RTCG receives a portion of all sales on the products sold in the store. The items will NOT cost you any more than they would if you didn’t use the link.